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Design Consultation

After you have requested a consultation, a Designer is assigned to your project.  The designer is assigned based off your project description as well as your location.  Your Design Consultant will call you to introduce herself and ask a few questions to understand your project a little better, answering any questions you may have.  At the consultation, your designer will collaborate with you to understand your needs and then design a fitting solution.  Your design is created using 3D software, you and your designer will tweak it until it's perfect.  After the design is complete, the finishes are all selected, it's time to put it into manufacturing.


Once you're fully satisfied with your design, it's put into manufacturing.  Our skilled craftsman get to work to bring your Solution to life.  Your Design Consultant's job isn't over yet, she has now put on her project management hat and will work directly with the manufacturing group to ensure all the details, forms fits and finishes are properly addressed.

Professional Installation

Once everything has been manufactured, personally signed off by your Designer, it's time to install your solution.  Your assigned Installer will call you directly and work out a time to complete the installation. 

Above & Beyond

As your project progresses, your Designer will provide you with weekly progress reports.  Your progress reports will include a project schedule that lays out the tasks to complete your project and their individual status.  In addition, we will send you pictures of your project with manufacturing.  We want this to be an interesting and exciting experience for you from your initial call until final install. 

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